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Summer Programs


From pirouettes to cartwheels, our summer dance and tumbling classes offer the perfect blend of fun, fitness, and skill-building for your child!

Our summer dance and tumbling programs are a great way for your student to experience new dance styles, give dance or tumbling a try if they've never been in a class before, or continue their dance and tumbling training throughout the summer break.


We now offer four different summer dance programs based on age and experience: Camp Twinkle Toes (ages 3-12)​, Competitive-Level Intensives (ages 5-18)​, Cutie Camp (single day camps, ages 3-8), and Showcase Summer Stars (dance classes for children ages 5+ with special needs).

In addition to dance, our award winning tumbling program will continue into the summer!  Once again, a great way to introduce or continue training on skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, and aerials, just to name a few.  We offer multiple levels divided by age and ability.

(Ages 18 months-18 years)


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Camp Twinkle Toes
Ages 3-12

Join us for 4 weeks of fun summer dance! Classes offered in both June & July.

Special Needs
Ages 5+

Inclusive and supportive dance classes designed for individuals of varying abilities

Cutie Camps
Ages 3-8

Single-day themed dance camps offered during the day or evening-June & July

Competition Intensives
Ages 5-18

3-day specialized classes for

competitive level dancers

Summer Tumbling
Ages 18 mos-18 Years

6 week session focusing on a wide range of gymnastics qnd acro skills

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