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Competition Dance Classes

AGES 5 TO 18

Step up to excellence: elevate your dance growth with our competition program!

We take immense pride in our exceptional competition teams, setting new heights of excellence year after year. Our competition teams have achieved remarkable success, including securing prestigious National Championships and garnering recognition on a national stage. Our renowned in-house choreographers craft captivating routines that combine technical brilliance with artistic expression, earning us many coveted Choreography Awards.

Beyond the trophies and accolades, our competition teams are celebrated for their exceptional sportsmanship and artistry. At Showcase Dance, we instill in our dancers the values of teamwork, respect, and camaraderie, creating a supportive dance family that uplifts and empowers one another. Our commitment to excellence extends not only to dance but also to nurturing well-rounded, compassionate individuals.

Competition companies and teams are for those dancers who are highly dedicated to the art of dance and want the challenge and excitement of dancing competitively. Competitive students are required to have the focus, dedication, and drive it takes to be a successful competitive dancer. Costs associated with competition dance are higher as more instruction time is necessary along with multiple costumes, workshops, and competition fees. Competition dancers compete in addition to other performances throughout the year.

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