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My name is Becky Burley and I am the proud owner/director of Showcase Dance Studio in Elk River, MN. Along with my daughters, BreAnna Paulson and Katie Forrest, dance has always been an important and special part of our lives and opening Showcase was a dream come true. My experience in dance includes; dancer, choreographer, instructor, judge, coach, and cheering mom. It is this diverse background that guided and motivated me to open Showcase Dance Studio. With 25 years of experience coaching dance, including many trips to the State Dance Team Tournament and several National Championships, I believe in the many values and life lessons that participation in dance promotes. I consider it a true blessing to have the opportunity to get to know each dancer at Showcase, watch them grow as a dancer, and share in their lives and their accomplishments.​








Showcase Dance Studio's Goals:
  • ​​​To provide quality dance education and training so that each student is given the knowledge necessary to grow technically and the opportunity to raise their level of ability, not just learn routines. Our class sizes will be limited so that all students receive the personal attention they deserve.

  • To provide this opportunity at an affordable price. Every effort is made to keep our class tuition, costumes, and any other expense to a minimum.

  • To hold our studio to high standards. In other words- the music we choose, the moves we teach, and the costuming will all be held to the highest of standards and age appropriate.

  • To provide a program that will build a healthy body and mind. We believe it is not just the end result that determines success, but rather the lessons learned, the steps taken, and the achievement reached throughout the journey that truly matters.​

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