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  • All registrations will be accepted and processed online

  • A registration fee, costume deposit and August & May's tuition will be collected at time of registration (payment must be submitted for registration to be considered complete and to hold your spot in that class). These fees are non-refundable.​

  • Parents (guardians) will be required to provide information and/or sign off on an electronic emergency card, medical/transportation/waiver/promotion release form, policy agreement and costume sizing policies.

  • A credit card or debit card must be kept current and on file for account payments. Your card will be registered on file when you register/pay online.​

  • The number of dancers accepted into each of our classes is limited. This is done to provide your student with a nurturing environment and to allow for personal attention to achieve the best dance education possible.

Tuition for Classes

  • ​​​For your convenience, tuition for the entire dance season has been broken into 10 months of payments (August thru May). Tuition remains the same regardless of number of classes in the month, absences, vacations, weather days, holidays or unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances. Class begins in August and runs through the Spring Showcase which is held in May.

  • In the event of an emergency or unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstance, class or classes may be offered virtually through the Showcase Digital Dance Studio.

  • All tuition is non-refundable.

  • If you elect to enroll in "Auto Pay", payments will automatically be deducted from the card on file on the 1st of each month. Tuition can be paid with cash/check as long as payment is made by the 4th of each month. On the 5th of each month, any account balances will automatically by posted (paid) to the card on file.

  • A $35 fee will be charged to your account on any payment returned by the bank.

  • A $35 fee will be automatically applied to your account for any payments declined by your card issuer.

  • Late fees will be assessed as follows: 1st offense late fee is $35, 2nd offense is $45, 3rd offense is $60

  • Registration is a commitment for a full dance season (Aug.-May). However, if during that time you decide not to fulfill your commitment:

  •  We must be notified in writing 30 days in advance. Charges to your account will continue until written notice is received. You are fully responsible for all charges during this time. In addition, you will be responsible and charged an early termination fee of 30% of the remaining dance season's tuition. Your card will be charged these charges once we receive notification of your termination.

  • If you terminate a class at any point during the regular dance season, you will not be able to enroll again until registration opens for the next dance season.

  • Please consider your decision carefully as your participation in that class may have kept another from being able to participate due to our maximum enrollment policy.

  •  Registration for other classes, workshops, tumbling, programs:

  • Completed registration form, registration fee as well as full payment will be collected and required to complete registration.

  • Refunds will only be honored for those terminating 30 days prior to the start of the program.

  • A 5% refund fee will also be applied to cover credit card processing fees.

Unpaid Balances on Accounts

  • Unpaid balances over 90 days will be turned over to collections.

  • ​Student accounts must be paid in full to participate in the Winter and Spring Showcase.

  • Accounts with balances over 60 days past due may result in restriction of student class participation.

Cancelled Classes

Showcase Dance will post unforeseen closings on the Showcase Dance Facebook page as well as send you an e-mail of any closings due to inclement weather or other act of nature or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We do follow ISD 728 school closings as our guide, however, on occasion choose to make a decision different from the school district. If you have further questions, please call (612) 483-9277.


The studio will send out an e-mail to the address that was given on the registration form to notify you of any unforeseen closings or cancellations, so please make sure we have the current and correct information on file.


  • Each dancer's personal success as well as that of the whole class is directly influenced by their attendance or the lack there of. Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is imperative! Absences and tardiness have a negative effect on the entire class. The studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the students for one, so if attendance becomes an issue, you will be responsible for taking private lessons at an additional charge ($30 for 1/2 hour). Private lessons will be used to bring your student up to where the rest of the class is. Attendance is taken at each class. There are no refunds given for missed classes due to absences.

  • Students with 1 or less absences will be invited to the  Attendance Award Party held after the Spring Showcase.

  • Tardiness - students who arrive late to class will need to explain their tardiness to their teacher upon arrival. If a student is more than 10 minutes late, they will have missed any announcements and most of their stretching time. Not being properly warmed up and stretched to dance puts your student's health in jeopardy. Life circumstances can sometimes necessitate being late. However, if it becomes an issue, further action will be taken as tardiness negatively effects the entire class.

  • We are a performing studio, meaning we may dance several times during the dance season. If a student misses class, it is at the discretion of the teacher to determine if that student is ready to perform at the upcoming event.

 Class Behavior

Students are expected to follow the rules of the studio/class/teacher. If a student is disruptive, they may be asked to sit out or leave for the duration of the class. There will always be a fair, age appropriate warning given to the student and parents will be made aware of any recurring issues.

Dress Code


  • We have established a minimum dress code that we expect all students to adhere to. The dress code allows our teachers the ability to better assess body alignment for proper technique and allows the students full movement.

  • Shoes: performance shoes will be determined according to costumes. Students will be allowed and expected to wear their performance shoes for class. Lack of proper footwear becomes a safety hazard.

  • Hair & Clothing:​

  • hair must be secured in a bun or pony tail - pin back any bangs/hair that would fall in the dancer's face

  • leotards (with a skirt or jazz shorts) are highly encouraged for all classes and are required for all ballet classes. Proper dance attire is necessary as it allows the teacher to see the student's body positioning and lines for proper placement and technique.

  • black leotards/pink tights and hair in a bun are a must for all competition and technique classes

  • proper foot attire (dance shoes) must be worn for your safety.

  • NO GUM!

Drop off/Pick up

  • Do not park or wait along the road in front of the studio blocking the sidewalk. This is a direct violation of the rules that we must abide by as a strip mall tenant. This is also a safety issue for our students.

  • Walk your younger student in and out of the studio for their safety.  The lobby is not always staffed, so please always wait with your student until class begins and be ready for them prior to class being dismissed.

  • Parents, please make sure your student has used the bathroom prior to class.

  • Please have your student ready for class 5 minutes prior to their class to ensure full use of class time.

  • Current restrictions mandate the number we are allowed within our facility prohibiting parents from viewing classes. Should the restrictions change we will update parents.

Other Charges

  • Parents (guardians) will need to sign off on the costume waiver indicating they agree with measurements/sizing.  A $75 per costume deposit is required on all costumes at time of registration.

  • Each class will have only one costume. Competition Teams will have one costume per dance.

  • All costumes must be paid in full by October 5th. Costume deposits/payments are non-refundable. 

  • Costumes are ordered in the fall with the hope of having them in by the Winter Showcase. We add to the measurements taken to assist in growth throughout the dance season. Costumes are made by size and not by individual measurements, parents are responsible for any alterations needed.


Proper footwear (dance shoes) are required for each dance class. Prices vary and can be ordered through the studio for your convenience.


Every family participating in the Winter and Spring Showcase will purchase a high definition digital download which includes all performances. This digital download becomes your property which you are then easily able to share with family and friends. The media fee will be due October 1st and covers your HD digital downloads.



Please see your competition contract for details about additional costs associated with competition dance.


​​Dance Students may receive commitment awards the last week of regular class during their class time. Only students participating for a full dance season on a competition team or in a performance class will receive awards. Awards are based on years of participation and commitment. Only years of participation at Showcase will be counted for the commitment award.

1st year - 1 year ribbon      2nd year- 2 year pin       3rd year - 3 year medal       4th year and on - trophy


Students may perform in two (recitals) Showcases. The Winter Showcase, traditionally in January and the Spring Showcase, in May. Admission will be required by spectators to watch the Showcases. Ticket proceeds are used to pay facility rental fees, equipment rental, custodial and school staffing fees as well as other costs.

Specific information on each performance will be made available once all the details are known. Information will be posted on this website under "performance details".

Competition Team

Along with the above listed policies/procedures, competition team members will be held to additional standards handed out during the audition process in the spring. When you electronically sign off (done online at registration) to the above policies, you also agree to uphold and abide by the additional standards/qualifications and competition contract required of our competitive dancers.


​We measure success in several ways: 1) achieving or reaching levels that we have not before (example: a beautiful triple turn), 2) the pride each dancer feels when they have done their very best, 3) The development of life skills such as strong work ethics and working together as a team. Though “placing well” and trophies are fun, they are not the total measure of our success.

Competition Auditions will be held in May. Contact the studio for more information.​

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