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Costs are kept to a minimum.

​We believe in providing the opportunity to dance at an affordable price. Every effort is made to keep the class tuition, costumes, and any other expenses to a minimum.​​ 

​Class sizes will be limited to ensure individual attention.

Our greatest focus is to provide quality dance education and training so that each student is given the knowledge necessary to grow technically and the opportunity to raise their level of ability. Each class has an enrollment limit so that all students receive the personal attention that they deserve.

We adhere to a high standard of age-appropriateness ​.

One of our beliefs is to hold our studio to high standards, making the athleticism and artistery of dance the focal point. In other words: the music we choose, the moves we teach, and the costuming will all be held to the highest of standards and age appropriate.

​Dancers perform in both a Winter and Spring Showcase.

At most studios, dancers perform only once i​n the year end recital. At Showcase, we believe that performing is an important part of each students' dance growth. Our students have two "recitals" which we call the Winter Showcase and Spring Showcase.​

Specialized classes allow for greater attention to detail and technique.

Our classes are structured to give each student the best opportunity for growth in the dance style or styles they choose. We have separated out our dance classes, giving much needed time and attention to the details that will allow students to grow as dancers, not just learn routines. This separation also allows for students to choose and focus on the style or styles of dance that truly interests them. 

​We embrace the opportunity to teach important life skills​.

​They say it takes a village and we are honored to be a part of your childs village, something we don't take lightly. Dance, in itself, offers the opporunity to learn valuable and important life skills such as teamwork, dedication, working hard and setting goals. At Showcase, we take it a step further with the incorporation of additional life skills into our dance classes. One example, "Word of the Month". Each month a new word such as respect, responsibility, or commitment is creatively infused into activities that pair well with each dance class.

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