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Students will work to improve their overall dance technique. Strengthening one's technical abilities is crucial to growth in dance. Class focus includes, turns, leaps, jumps, placement, and control as students are challenged to raise their dancing to the next level.

  • Students are required to wear a black leotard, pink tights, hair secured in a bun.

  • Commitment is required for the full dance season.


Detailed exercises at the barre, ​center floor, and progressions across the floor will be the focus of this classical ballet class. A combination of the Vaganova and Cecchetti methods will be used. This class will enhance the student's technical strength, balance, poise, control, overall strength, and flexibility. Dress code is necessary for complete teacher evaluation of each student's placement and body alignment.

  • Dress code is MANDATORY: black leotard, full length pink tights, ballet belt, pink ballet shoes, hair in secured bun (no dance shorts, please)


The focus of this class  will be on building strength and increasing flexibility using both proven techniques as well as new and innovative methods.

  • Open to all dancers, performing or competition


For those who would like additional one on one help with technique, building skills, or class choreography. Sign up for 30 minute private lessons through the teacher. A set rate will apply, openings based on staff availability. Contact the studio for more information.

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