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I just want you to know how much we LOVE being a part of Showcase Dance. It has been the most wonderful decision in regards to my daughter's dance that we have made. She loves dance sooo much, even more so now that we are with your team. The dedication and personalization have been amazing and I honestly never thought we would find a place that would care so much about the actual customers as you do. I could go on and on. Thank you!



Becky and the instructors at Showcase Dance are very warm and welcoming which made our transition and our decision an easy one when we were looking for a new dance studio. The knowledge and experience they have offers a great appreciation of the ART of dance which makes the learning fun for our girls as they grow in dance!



We first met Becky and Showcase at a Youth Fair in Elk River. One of my daughters was sort of interested in dancing, but a little nervous about it all. From the very start, Becky and her staff managed to give her unbelievable confidence. When I see my daughter's smile on the dance floor, it's a real smile, as the Showcase team has instilled such a love of, and happiness with, dance. I have witnessed Becky and staff interact and teach for the past three years, and am continuously impressed with how they handle things and really teach the girls to always be above the line- not just in dance, but in life. They say "it takes a village", and we are so, so thankful that Showcase is part of our "village"!



I must tell you that we absolutely love Showcase Dance! Mya has wanted to join dance for years, but I had given up hope of ever finding a dance studio that would be a good fit for our family. Thank you so much for the atmosphere that you have created at your studio! I love that my daughter's dance routines and costumes are both beautiful and age appropriate. And, I have been pleasantly surprised by the song choices for her dance routines. Jesus is the most important thing in our lives and it means so much to have her dancing to a song lke "Jesus, Take the Wheel" every week. I was looking for a dance studio that would not undermine the values we wanted to teach our daughter. You have somehow found a way to nurture those values, while also doing a top notch job of teaching dance. Your teachers are so kind and good at what they do, which is why Mya loves her classes. What a blessing your studio is to our family!



Thank you for the atmosphere you have created at Showcase. We couldn't be happier to have Grace where she is as the smile on her face speaks volumes about how she feels under the care of her teachers. We are blessed by you and your staff's caring attitudes, positive encouragement, and commitment. Thank you!



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